Mission & Objectives


Our Mission

The mission of Be Well Primary Health Care Center, LLC is to HELP PEOPLE by providing high quality, affordable healthcare to the sick, the troubled, and the infirmed when it is needed.


Our Objectives

The primary objectives of the D&TC are:

  • to provide comprehensive health care services to persons living in the borough of Brooklyn without regards to age, race, color, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, sex, nation of origin or sponsor;
  • to promote continuity of patient care and to serve as a post-acute resource for patients discharged from hospitals;
  • to expedite recovery from illness;
  • to enable patients to obtain necessary care in one location, thereby reducing stress on the patient as well as family and friends;
  • to reduce overall health care costs for both the patient and the healthcare system;
  • to prevent acute episodic events that result in hospitalization and to prevent premature or inappropriate nursing home placement.
Our Locations

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